Morne Botha

Morne Botha

Software Engineering Manager

Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA
English, Afrikaans




Development manager with more 7 years' experience in a software development environment. Extensive experience in Education, Product Deployment, Project Management and DevOps. I pride myself in identifying issues within the SDLC and addressing these with innovative solutions.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Content Developer, Learning to the Max Foundation

    Jun, 2012 - Dec, 20127 months

    I created assessments and interactive assets served through the Mxit platform. These assets were scripted using MS Word and converted these into html using .Net scripting and MS Word plugins.

    • Solved a crucial mathematical equation issue the Foundation had by converting MS Word's math to Latex and then converting the Latex to PNG images that would then be served by Mxit.

  • Multimedia DeveloperIT School Innovation

    Jan, 2013 - Dec, 20142 years

    I was initially employed to create interactive Adobe Flash animation from scripted content. These animations were then embedded into interactive PDFs and written to read-only CDs to be distributed to schools. When Flash's future started to look unclear, the decision was made to pursue EPUB with Javascript/HTML Assets.

    • Created a reusable Actionscript template to create activities, this cut production time by more than half.

    • Created a Javascript framework and html template as well as conversion software from Actionscript to Javascript.

    • Developed a range of EPUB validation and quality assurance tools in .NET to speed up production.

  • Publishing ManagerIT School Innovation

    Jan, 2015 - Mar, 20161 year 3 months

    Due to the successful prototype of a digital publishing workflow I lead, I was given the opportunity to create a new department at ITSI. As Publishing Manager, I oversaw the conversion of more than 1500 PDFs and other print-first formats to EPUB 3.0. International publishing houses such as Pearson and MacMillian was some of the clients were able to assist. IT School Innovation led the implementation of digital textbooks in schools and our customer base grew so did the need for a store. I acted as the initial product owner for both the Store (https://store.it.si) and the Publisher Portal. This involved change management, acquiring product to sell, training and consultation as client facing activities. As product owner I also led the testing team and new feature integration.

    • Led the conversion of more than 1500 print first books to EPUB 3.0.

    • Managed relationships with more than 60 South African and International Publishers.

    • Acted as product owner for the ITSI e-book store and publisher portal.

    • Oversaw the acquisition of more than 9000 e-books for the ITSI store. I left this position to pursue new opportunities within ITSI.

    • Created a successful training program to assist publishers in going digital for existing print workflows.

  • Head of DevOpsITSI Holdings

    Mar, 2016 - Jun, 20182 years 4 months

    As the publishing Department at ITSI grew out of startup phase and into a successful business unit I moved to the DevOps department within ITSI. As Head of DevOps my main day to day tasks was the overseeing the team that maintained more than 260 servers used by ITSI clients, ensuring stability and uptime. The deployment of all services developed by ITSI also formed part of DevOps and maintaining developer relations was a critical part of my job. Opensource technologies such as Gitlab and CI runners were used to deploy code written in Scala, NodeJS and Python to our Ubuntu servers.

    • Oversaw the OS upgrade on 200+ servers from Ubuntu 14 to 16.

    • Implementation of the ITSI Knowledgebase to assists our clients in setting up our environment.

    • Implemented CI to build and deploy more than 70% of ITSI's products, saving time and money.

    • Created a formal issue escalation process in collaboration with Client Services.

    • Developed a server management console to identify and alert the team of issues in realtime.

    • Formalised and documented the platform environment to meet the requirements of enterprise clients.

  • Data Protection OfficerITSI Holdings

    Jun, 2016 - Jan, 20192 years 8 months

    As Data protection officer, I was responsible for overseeing the data protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance with GDPR and POPIA requirements.

    • Introduced annual security timeline which includes scheduled penetration tests and security reviews.

    • Implemented internal training programs to create data protection awareness.

    • Documented security and data protection processed and procedures to form part of standard technical documentation.

  • Software Engineering ManagerITSI Holdings

    Jul, 2018 - Dec, 20191 year 6 months

    (Current Role) As the Software Engineering Manager I oversee 4 departments: Mobile, Web, Analytics and Devops. My day to day tasks includes overseeing the development strategy, managing the SDLC and forming the culture in the development team. This role involves direct interaction with clients, senior management and other stakeholders.

    • Commissioned and deployed plugins for major LMSs for better integration within ITSI commercial environment

    • Redeveloped the Developer training program to include more formal and informal training with clear outcomes.

    • Improved the communication process with company stakeholders by developing a platform that combines cross-product release notes into manageable summaries.

    • Oversaw a restructuring process within the development department to meet the requirements put in place by the board.

    • Frontend and backend development working primarily in Python, Node and JS.

    • Devops and Continuous Integration for a variety of projects across the departments.



  • Project Management
    Feasibility AnalysisTime ManagementRequirements GatheringCustomer RelationsDeploymentBudgeting
  • Team Management
    RestructuringPerformance ManagementTrainingKPIsHR Functions
  • Software Development
  • Digital Publishing
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  • DevOps
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  • Information Science, Bachelor, University of Pretoria

    Jan, 2010 - Dec, 2013

  • Information Science, Honours, University of Pretoria

    Jan, 2014 - Dec, 2014

  • Infromatics, Masters, University of Pretoria

    Jan, 2017 - Feb, 2019



  • Employee of the year IT School Innovation

    Awarded on: Dec 20, 2015

    Awarded the Employee of the Year award for my contribution during my role as Head of Publishing.

  • Employee of the year ITSI Holdings

    Awarded on: Dec 11, 2018

    Awarded the Employee of the Year award for my contribution during my role as Development Manager.



  • Evaluating the task-technology fit of e-readers in the South African Secondary School environment, University of Pretoria

    Published on: Invalid date

    The purpose of this research was to evaluate the task-technology fit of e-book readers in the South African secondary school environment. Many information system performance models put a large focus on the user’s intention to use the system. For educational e-book reader evaluations this is different, as learners are not always given a choice between e-books and printed books.



  • Internet of Things

    Home AutomationRaspberry PiArdiuno
  • Game Design

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