Pretoria (ZA), Gauteng


Product owner/project manager with 5 years experience in a dev environment. Currently a Master's in Informatics student. Knowledgeable in e-learning, UX and multimedia.


ITSI Holdings

January 2013 - December 2014
Multimedia Developer

ITSI Develops educational software used by primary and secondary schools. My day to day activities included generating content from various sources and publishing it in various formats (mainly Actionscript 3.0 Flash and HTML 5). I left this position to pursue an new opportunity within ITSI.

  • Created a Flash template environment that was use for more than 3000 interactive assets.
  • Created a xslt based conversion platform to convert Microsoft Word scripts into HTML5 and Flash interactive assests.
  • Designed and implemented an xml based workflow for publishing content in EPUB 2.0.

ITSI Holdings

January 2015 - March 2016
Head of Publishing

Due to the successful prototype of a digital publishing workflow I lead I was given the opportunity to create a new department at ITSI. As Head of Publishing I oversaw the conversion of more than 1500 PDFs to EPUB 3.0. International publishing houses such as Pearson and MacMillian was some of the clients myself and a team of 20 developers were able to assist. ITSI led the implementation of digital textbooks in schools and our customer base grew so did the need for a store. I acted as product owner for both the ITSI Store ( and the ITSI Publisher Portal. This involved change management, acquiring product to sell, training and consultation as client facing activities. As product owner I also led the testing team as well as the new feature integration.

  • Led the conversion of more than 1500 print first books to EPUB 3.0.
  • Managed relationships with more that 60 South African and International Publishers.
  • Acted as product owner for the ITSI e-book store and publisher portal.
  • Oversaw the acquisition of more than 9000 e-books for the ITSI store. I left this position to pursue new opportunities within ITSI.
  • Created a successful training program to assist publisher in going digital.

ITSI Holdings

March 2016 - December 2017
Head of DevOps

As the publishing Department at ITSI grew out of startup phase and into a successful business unit, selling more school level e-books than any other store in South Africa it was decided to move me to another department within ITSI. As Head of DevOps my main day to day tasks is the overseeing of more than 260 servers used by ITSI clients, ensuring stability and protection of our client data. The rollout of all services developedby ITSI also forms part of DevOps, and maintaining developer infrastructure relations is a critical part of my job. We make use of opensource technologies such as Gitlab and CI runners to deploy code written in Scale, NodeJS and Python to our Ubuntu servers. I am still new to this role and learning the ins and outs of devops, but my technical background helps me to get acquainted quickly.

  • Oversaw the OS upgrade on 200+ servers from Ubuntu 14 to 16.
  • Implementation of the ITSI Knowledgebase to assists our clients in setting up our environment.


University of Pretoria

2010 - 2013
Information Science

University of Pretoria

2014 - 2014
Information Science

University of Pretoria

2017 - 2017


20 December 2015
Employee of the year
ITSI Holdings

Awarded the Employee of the Year award for my contribution during my role as Head of Publishing.


Web Development
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
Digital Publishing
  • EPUB
  • PDF
  • XML Workflows
  • PHP
  • Python
  • QTI, LTI
  • Tincan API
  • Risk Analyis
  • Budgeting
  • Customer Relations
  • Deadlines
  • Source Control
  • Continuous Integration


Native speaker
Native speaker


Internet of Things
  • Home Automation
  • Raspberry Pi
Game Design
  • Feedback Loops
  • Game Theory